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Walking had become difficult for me as my right leg would collapse without prior warning.  

When I connected with Jodi, she was able to assess my body very quickly and devised a program that has helped correct the issue. This has enabled me to continue walking.  As I progressed, we started working on deeper historical issues on that right leg that are resolving well.  As a bonus, my work with Jodi has helped with bladder issues. Jodi has a marvelous ability to see when a muscle is working incorrectly and provide gentle cues to right the situation. Thank you Jodi for all your thoughtfulness and caring on my journey to better stronger movement.

Joyce L


Thank you, Jodi, for setting me up for success -- moving from beyond "back to normal" to feeling strong, agile, and able to focus on living my life! 

Your authentic positivity & energy inspires me to continue to challenge myself while your timely & constructive feedback motivates me to keep trying until I get it "right."  I especially appreciate your flexibility to try various approaches, to adapt my program so I can use equipment I already have at home, and your helpful tips & tricks that guide me in proper execution of movements after I leave your gym. You are the trainer that I never knew I always needed!

Shannon M

As a former collegiate soccer player and nationally ranked distance runner, I began seeing Jodi five years ago to address a few chronic overuse injuries. Jodi has provided me with a customized program, which has addressed my specific muscle imbalances and sub-optimal motor patters. Her approach has allowed my middle-aged body to physically heal and thrive. I cannot appropriately put into words; how grateful I am for having Jodi in my life!

Jodi is an exceptional personal trainer. She is gifted in her ability to analyze movement and curate a personalized exercise program to meet your needs. I appreciate her ability to adapt, depending on how I am feeling on a given day and I always leave feeling stronger and having learned something new. As a physiotherapist, I feel 100% confident referring to Jodi knowing she has the skills to help them recover from an injury and accomplish their goals.

Andrea Thomson RPT

Jodi has helped me find strength I never knew I had. Recovering and living with diastasis recti means that some strength exercises are more challenging.  Jodi focuses on form, modifications and cues you can relate to in order to get you to your optimal strength level. Jodi is always willing to push you because she is so good at knowing what you are capable of.


Shelley M

I have been training with Jodi for several years now and she is nothing short of amazing. With her exceptional knowledge of anatomy, proper form and add her incredible intuition, Jodi can assess your movement patterns and adjust your workout for maximum benefit. She creates personalized programs for your specific needs and goals. Jodi is truly the best in the business, and I highly recommend training with her.

Sophie J

My back pain started almost 10 years ago and was getting progressively worse.  I tried different treatments which helped only in the short term, but nothing lasting.  Jodi has been a light at the end of the tunnel for me as after our very first visit, I could already see a significant improvement.  This improvement has been maintained and I have continued to make gains over time.   I move more freely and now stand straight, which is something I hadn’t done in a while.  I am empowered and feel like I can now take charge of my back, as I continue to strengthen the proper muscles to stabilize the trouble areas.  Jodi’s hands-on approach is just what I needed to start my journey to recovery.  I would recommend her to anyone looking for a solid alternative to medicated pain control.  I only wish I would have found her sooner!

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