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I'm here for you, wherever you're at and wherever you want to go.

At this time, I am offering one-on-one personal training services with customized programming for each client. Training programs will vary depending on the client goals and needs.

Fit with JMK offers one-on-one personal training services with customized programming for every client.


If you are working with others in the healthcare industry for issues such as chronic pain or injury recovery, Jodi will work alongside your physiotherapist, chiropractor, or doctor to provide the ultimate customized training program for you.


Programming is based on clients’ individual goals, medical or injury history as well as a 90-minute assessment.

With the individual hands-on approach to training, clients at Fit with JMK range in ability and age including:

  • Clients ranging from 21 to 80+ years old

  • General public with no exercise experience looking to improve health, daily activity such as climbing stairs, getting down and back up from floor, or chronic aches/pains 

  • Clients with chronic injury or health-related conditions such as  but not limited to hypermobile Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, Osteogenesis Imperfecta, fibromyalgia, incomplete spinal cord injury, pelvic floor dysfunction, diastasis and diastasis repairs as well as chronic shoulder, knee, hip and back pain.

  •  Clients who regularly train or play sports who want to either improve movement mechanics or limit chronic injury or discomfort from non-ideal repetitive movement patterns.

All clients go through an in-depth assessments based on current abilities that cover the following:

  • Your goals

  • Medical/injury history

  • Posture assessment 

  • Breath pattern and core function

  • Joint health through passive and dynamic range of motions

  • Ability to stabilize spine through movement

  • Movement mechanics of squat, hip hinge, lunge, row, press, rotation, and anti-rotation exercises

Jodi has a passion for continual education. Her list of fitness courses can be found here

If there is a desire to improve a personal fitness level, Jodi believes that anyone can train, it just takes finding the right exercise prescription to meet the person where their capabilities are at. Programming can include or combine some of the following areas of focus:

  • Integration of Corrective Movement patterns 

  • Post rehabilitation

  • Strength training for daily living

  • Increase mobility, balance and/or flexibility

  • Analysis of current movement patterns that might be contributing to chronic pain or flare ups

  • Pre and Post natal Fitness:

    • prepare your body for pregnancy,

    • Be strong throughout the incredible journey of pregnancy

    • Recover your abdominals and pelvic floor after delivery

  • Hypopressive Training:

    • increase muscle tone of the abdominal and pelvic floor

    • increase core and pelvic floor function

    • Reduce the risk of or recovery from pelvic floor dysfunction (including issues such as incontinence and prolapses)


Initial Assessment and Consult (90 minute session)   $99.75

Individual Training Session  $78.75 per session 


Package of 10 Sessions  $73.50 per session ($735.00)


Package of 20 Sessions  $68.25 per session  ($1365.00)

Training Sessions are 55 minutes

All Prices Include GST

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